Heaven Upside DownHeaven Upside Down

The Pale EmperorThe Pale Emperor

Born VillainBorn Villain

The High End Of LowThe High End Of Low


Lest We Forget The Best OfLest We Forget The Best Of

The Golden Age of GrotesqueThe Golden Age of Grotesque

Holy WoodHoly Wood

Last Tour On EarthLast Tour On Earth

Mechanical AnimalsMechanical Animals

Remix and RepentRemix and Repent

Antichrist SuperstarAntichrist Superstar

Smells Like ChildrenSmells Like Children

Portrait of an American FamilyPortrait of an American Family

Celebrity Deathmatch

Released: Nov, 1999
No. of Tracks: 15
Label: Interscope Records
Featured Manson Track: Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes

 #  Title  Length
 01  Marilyn Manson - Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes  
 02  Xzibit - Celebrity Deathmatch  
 03  Eminem - My Fault [Pizza Mix]  
 04  Powerman 5000 - Standing 8  
 05  Canibus & Rakim - I'll Bust 'Em, You Punish 'Em  
 06  Shuvel - Clean Slate  
 07  Sevendust - The Terminator [Breath Mix]  
 08  The Last Emperor - Secret Wars [Prince Paul Mix]  
 09  Bif Naked - Vampire  
 10  The Wondergirls, Mark McGrath, Ian Astbury - Let's Go All The Way  
 11  Kool Keith - Bow To The Masta  
 12  Rob Zombie - Meet The Creeper [Brute Man & Wonder Girl Mix]  
 13  Primus - The Heckler  
 14  Liars Inc. - No Good  
 15  Lit - Money  

The Matrix

Released: 1999
No. of Tracks: 13
Label: Priority Records
Featured Manson Track: Rock Is Dead

 #  Title  Length
 01  Marilyn Manson - Rock Is Dead  3:10
 02  Propellerheads - Spybreak! (Short One)  4:01
 03  Ministry - Bad Blood  4:59
 04  Rob D - Clubbed To Death [Kurayomino Mix]  7:26
 05  Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup  6:17
 06  Lunatic Calm - Leave You far Behind  3:12
 07  The Prodigy - Mindfields  5:41
 08  Rob Zombie - Draglua [Hot Rod Herman Mix]  4:37
 09  Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)  3:35
 10  Hive - Ultrasonic Sound  4:54
 11  Monster Magnet - Look To Your Orb For The Warning  4:43
 12  Rammstein - Du Hast  3:54
 13  Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up  6:03

Detroit Rock City

Released: 03.08.1999
No. of Tracks: 15
Label: PolyGram
Featured Manson Track: Highway To Hell [Originally Written & Recorded By AC/DC]

 #  Title  Length
 01  Everclear - The Boys Are Back In Town  
 02  KISS - Shout It Out Loud  
 03  Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil  
 04  Pantera - Cat Scratch Fever  
 05  Black Sabbath - Iron Man  
 06  Marilyn Manson - Highway To Hell  
 07  Drain STH - 20th Century Boy  
 08  KISS - Detroit Rock City  
 09  Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak  
 10  Cheap Trick - Surrender [Live]  
 11  David Bowie - Rebel Rebel  
 12  The Donnas - Strutter  
 13  The Runaways - School Days  
 14  The Sweet - Little Willy  
 15  KISS - Nothing Can Keep Me From You  

Australian rock n' roll band AC/DC originally wrote and released Highway To Hell on their 1979 album of the same name. It remains one of their most recognisable signature songs, and although penned with tongue firmly in cheek, it became notorious for discussing blasphemous themes in rock music.
The band were clearly an influence on the young Marilyn Manson, as they are referenced outright in his autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, which not only mirrors the song's path to Hades in title, but also in chapter four; The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Rejection Letters. Similarly, in a play on AC/DC's equally notable song For Those About To Rock (We Salute You), chapter two of the book is titled For Those About To Rock, We Suspend You. On the final page of that chapter, Manson describes how he was punished physically in the offices of his Christian school for showing up to class with a copy of Highway To Hell.

Detroit Rock City [in relation to its protagonists quest to attend a KISS concert] seems an adequate soundtrack for Manson to be featured on for numerous reasons in fact, many of them relating to his autobiography. In the formative first section of the book, When I Was A Worm, Manson describes (with pictoral evidence), his fondness for KISS as a child during the 1970s, the same period as Detroit Rock City is set, also citing artists such as Black Sabbath and David Bowie as early inspirations, both of whom feature on the soundtrack alongside him. More notably, the four fans who make the pilgrimage during the course of the movie embark on their road trip from Ohio, their hometown, and similarly that of the adolescent Marilyn Manson.

Manson had also alluded to the imagery and deliberate glam-pomp of KISS' extravagant stage shows and costumes being a direct inspiration for some of the imagery and live shows in support of Mechanical Animals throughout 1999, which in itself was quoted as having been influenced by 1970s rock and roll.