Heaven Upside DownHeaven Upside Down

The Pale EmperorThe Pale Emperor

Born VillainBorn Villain

The High End Of LowThe High End Of Low


Lest We Forget The Best OfLest We Forget The Best Of

The Golden Age of GrotesqueThe Golden Age of Grotesque

Holy WoodHoly Wood

Last Tour On EarthLast Tour On Earth

Mechanical AnimalsMechanical Animals

Remix and RepentRemix and Repent

Antichrist SuperstarAntichrist Superstar

Smells Like ChildrenSmells Like Children

Portrait of an American FamilyPortrait of an American Family

Not Another Teen Movie

Released: 2001
No. of Tracks: 14
Label: Maverick
Featured Manson Track: Tainted Love

 #  Title  Length
 01  Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love [Ed Cobb]  
 02  The Smashing Pumpkins - Never Let Me Down Again [Depeche Mode]  
 03  Orgy - Blue Monday [New Order]  
 04  System Of A Down - Metro [Berlin]  
 05  Scott Weiland - But Not Tonight [Depeche Mode]  
 06  Saliva - Message Of Love [The Pretenders]  
 07  Stabbing Westward - Bizarre Love Triangle [New Order]  
 08  Goldfinger - 99 Red Balloons [Nena]  
 09  Mest - I Melt With You [Modern English]  
 10  Good Charlotte - If You Leave [OMD]  
 11  Muse - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want [The Smiths]  
 12  Phantom Planet - Somebody's Baby [Jackson Browne]  


Released: 2001
No. of Tracks: 13
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Featured Manson Track: Valentine's Day

 #  Title  Length
 01  Rob Zombie - Superbeast [Porno Holocaust Remix  
 02  Disturbed - God Of The Mind  
 03  Static-X - Love Dump [Mephisto Odyssey's VooDoo Mix]  
 04  Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away  
 05  Deftones - Rx Queen  
 06  Orgy - Opticon  
 07  Marilyn Manson - Valentine's Day  
 08  Amanda Ghost - Filthy Mind  
 09  Professional Murder Music - Fall Again  
 10  BT - Smartbomb [BT's Mix]  
 11  Sean Lennon/Soulfly - Son Song  
 12  Filter - Take A Picture [Hybrid Mix]  
 13  Snake River Conspiracy - Breed  
 14  Beautiful Creatures - 1 A.M.  

From Hell

Released: 2001
No. of Tracks: 13
Label: Priority Records
Featured Manson Track: The Nobodies [Wormwood Remix]

 #  Title  Length
 01  Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies [Wormwood Remix]  
 02  In Memoriam  
 03  Royal Connections  
 04  Sprig Of Red Grapes  
 05  Whitechapel Murders  
 06  Chasing The Dragon  
 07  Portrait Of A Prince  
 08  Compass And The Ruler  
 09  Marylebone Workhouse  
 10  Investigation  
 11  Death Coach  
 12  Pennies For The Ferryman  
 13  Bow Belle (Absinthium)  

All tracks besides number one composed for the original From Hell score by Geoffrey Alexander

Manson's version of Tainted Love is arguably one of the most well known in modern culture, and in terms of continued success, is certainly more widely regarded than Not Another Teen Movie, even the video for the song seeming more memorable.

Following the release of Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death), Manson started to enthuse in several locations about his fondness for absinthe, which is referenced not only in the title of the remix featured on From Hell (wormwood being one of the key ingredients of absinthe), but also in the final track listed on the original score.

Imagery akin to that of From Hell was employed for promotional photoshoots in support of Manson's 2009 album The High End Of Low, and the album to follow Holy Wood; The Golden Age Of Grotesque, would also invoke themes surrounding sexual disfigurement and murder, which were perpetrated by Jack The Ripper. The title of the film quotes a letter sent to Scotland Yard during the original hunt for the Ripper, allegedly by his hand, addressed "From Hell", which although unconfirmed in relation to Manson's work, correlates with his having characterised himself during several of his songs as being in a form of Hell.

The film's lead is played by Johnny Depp, noted several times as a close friend of Manson's, they were photographed in close conversation several times on the red carpet at the premiere.