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Party Monster

Released: 2003
No. of Tracks: 19
Label: TVT/Island Records Group
Featured Manson Track: The La La Song [Performed In Character As Christina Superstar]

 #  Title  Length
 01  Mannequin - Take Me To The Club  
 02  Ladytron - Seventeen  
 03  Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra  
 04  Felix Da Housecat Vs. Pop Tarts - Money, Success, Fame, Glamour [Remix]  
 05  Waldorf - You're My Disco  
 06  Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts  
 07  Tomcraft - Overdose [Lady Radio Version]  
 08  Happy Thought Hall - Get Happy  
 09  Vitalic - Le Rock 01  
 10  Tones On Tail - Go! [Single Edit]  
 11  Nina Hagen - New York, New York  
 12  Scissor Sisters - It Can't Come Quickly Enough [Edit]  
 13  W.I.T. - Inside Out  
 14  Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy - Kiss Me  
 15  Shannon - Give Me Tonight  
 16  ABC - How To Be A Millionaire  
 17  Keoki - Crash [Original Mix]  
 18  Marilyn Manson - The La La Song  
 19  Headrillaz feat. Ricky Barrow - Good Is Bad  

The Matrix Reloaded

Released: 2003
No. of Tracks: [Disc 1] 12 [Disc 2] 7
Label: Warner Bros. Records/Maverick
Featured Manson Track: This Is The New Shit


 #  Title  Length
 01  Linkin Park - Session  2:23
 02  Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit  4:20
 03  Rob Zombie - Reload  4:25
 04  Rob Dougan - Furious Angels  5:29
 05  Deftones - Lucky You  4:08
 06  Team Sleep - The Passportal  2:55
 07  P.O.D. - Sleeping Awake  3:23
 08  Unloco - Bruises  2:36
 09  Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb  4:58
 10  Oakenfold - Dread Rock  4:39
 11  Fluke - Zion  4:33
 12  Dave Matthews Band - When The Worlds End [Oakenfold Remix]  5:26


 #  Title  Length
 01  Don Davis - Main Title  1:30
 02  Don Davis - Trinity Dream  1:56
 03  Juno Reactor [Feat. Gocoo] - Teahouse  1:04
 04  Rob Dougan - Chateau  3:23
 05  Juno Reactor; Don Davis Mona Lisa Overdrive  10:08
 06  Juno Reactor Vs. Don Davis - Burly Brawl  5:52
 07  Don Davis - Matrix Reloaded Suite  17:34

The La La Song as featured on Party Monster's soundtrack is unique for perhaps being the only Marilyn Manson song recorded to date which is not sang by Manson as himself. The character he portrayed in the film, Christina Superstar, is meant to be the vocalist, the tracklisting reading "Marilyn Manson [As Christina]".
Though his rendition of Redeemer for Queen Of The Damned is used in that film's soundtrack as the voice of lead protagonist Lestat De Lioncourt, the song is nonetheless credited to Marilyn Manson, implying that it is his voice and he was not a character when appearing on the film's CD.

By association, following the release of Party Monster in 2003, Felix Da Housecat, who is also featured on the soundtrack, would contribute Personal Jesus - Rude Photo Motor Mix to the 7" vinyl single of Personal Jesus in 2004. Tones On Tail are also on the soundtrack, one of their number being Daniel Ash, formerly of Bauhaus and mentioned in The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, in a diary excerpt where Manson describes how Ash was ignorant of he and his band in a hotel suite encounter during 1997.