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I left the studio last night and woke up to the sounds of lagnolalia. I was in a lucid dream so I wasn't sure if it was my kitty, Lily, using her sandbox as a toilet or not. She howls when dispensing decorative "cat art."

I soon discovered a photo shoot in the living room and I helped out with buldges and bustlines, as I am a reliable authority. This was for Roger Avary and his film, "Rules of Attraction." I myself, found that a bustline and a cigarette can create quite a muliebrity. Even with me, a non-smoker. I included some pics to prove.

I am the least theatrical when I am in the theatre, because it is my home. However, I do spend alot of time in my home theater, where I prefer to remain in the audience. This was disrupted late this night by Karl Lagerfeld who made me take a photograph on my staircase, possessed by E.A. Poe and lubricated with absinthe.

In that dark blue sky you still keep, through my stained glass laptop you try to peep. When will you ever sleep? When the sun burns open my eye?

'til next time,

Big Brother is too bored to watch.
Sweet to meet not to swallow.
Pogo has the keys, but where are we going?

Party Monster photos
Christina, close up

[posted 7/24/2002 U.S.A.]