The Pale EmperorThe Pale Emperor

Born VillainBorn Villain

The High End of LowThe High End of Low


Lest We ForgetLest We Forget

The Golden Age of GrotesqueThe Golden Age of Grotesque

Holy WoodHoly Wood

Mechanical AnimalsMechanical Animals

Antichrist SuperstarAntichrist Superstar

Smells Like ChildrenSmells Like Children

Portrait of an American FamilyPortrait of an American Family

Spooky KidsSpooky Kids

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Interviews Related to Marilyn Manson
Interviews Related to Marilyn Manson

Rudy Coby & Marilyn Manson - Rudy Hell!READ

Source: Bizarre Magazine [UK]
Date: 04.2011
Interviewed: Rudy Coby Marilyn Manson

The Devil's Prefect - Provider Module Interviews John 5READ

Source: [International]
Date: 16.06.2010
Interviewed: John 5

The Gauntlet - Stephen Bier [Pogo]READ

Source: The Gauntlet [US]
Date: 26.02.2010
Interviewed: Stephen Bier [Pogo]

VerdamMnis E-Magazine - Markus Lion Discusses MansintheREAD

Source: VerdamMnis [France]
Date: 02.02.2010
Interviewed: Markus Lion

Gidget Gein - EvolutionREAD

Source: [International]
Date: 2005
Interviewed: Gidget Gein

Dita Von Teese - Femme FataleREAD

Source: FHM Collections, Autumn/Winter 2004 - 2005 [UK]
Date: 2004/2005
Interviewed: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese - Simply DitaREAD

Source: [International]
Date: 2005
Interviewed: Dita Von Teese

John 5 - "I Wasn't Fired!"READ

Source: Kerrang! Magazine [UK]
Date: 2004
Interviewed: John 5

Gidget Gein - Noizefront InterviewREAD

Source: Noizefront [USA]
Date: 2003
Interviewed: Gidget Gein

Zim Zum Is Ready To Show What He Can Do - Kerrang! MagazineREAD

Source: Kerrang! Magazine[UK]
Date: 02.2001
Interviewed: Zim Zum

Zim Zum Speaks - Metal EdgeREAD

Source: Metal Edge Magazine [USA]
Date: 00.12.1998
Interviewed: Zim Zum

Zim Zum: Spreading The VirusREAD

Source: Alternative Press [USA]
Date: 00.11.1998
Interviewed: Zim Zum

Gidget Gein - Rock N' Roll Experience InterviewREAD

Source: Rock N' Roll Experience [USA]
Date: 00.00.1998
Interviewed: Gidget Gein


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