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"My interpretation of the title The High End Of Low would be just, how low can you get with something? How dark and how more fucked up can things get, or possibly be, you know, and how much torture can you put yourself through?
Recording this album, at least when I was writing the music for it, there really wasn't an idea or a direction or anything, it just kinda came out naturally. I don't want to speak for Manson but from what I've witnessed this is the first time I've seen him walk into a project and not use any of the lyrics that he had prior to it.
He actually had lost his lyric book, with all the lyrics he was working on, so it just kind of forced him to come up with stuff he was going through in the moment. I think what he was going through in his life during the record reflected in the final product."

"As it progressed it was obvious what was working was for it to be organic and not like over-produced and just kinda like, there's nothing that has to be re-created cos there's only two guitar parts or onew guitar part instead of being like ten guitar tracks or all this stuff that's impossible for a band to play. So anything on this record can be recreated byt the live band, which is why the stuff sounds the best live too."

"Working with A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails I learned a lot, I definitely came back a better musician. I don't think it has to do with either of those bands, it just has to do with playing with other people.
I probably learned the most actually, working with Chris Goss, because we have a band, a side-band called Goon Moon together, and with that I learned a lot about how his recording methods are just... he's not too meticulous about what he does, just put a mic in front of something and record it, there's not too much of an art to it. It's very basic and I kinda used that with recording this album. Nothing ever sounds better the more time you spent on it, it just sounds different."

"I think the real world is a little more dangerous than Marilyn Manson is, the band. Real life is scarier than what we do, I think, and the more fucked up the world is, the more things Manson has to talk about. He's just a reflection of what's going on, so if the world's gotten more dangerous, so has Marilyn Manson.
I've honestly become so desensitised to the whole thing that I really pay any attention to it anymore, I just want to make music and do my thing."


Publication: NRV-TV
Date Published: 10.07.2009
Country: France


Transcribed & Submitted By: S.D.