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"Welcome to Trax, I'm Cathie Lucas and this is the night you've all been waiting for... They are here live, they are going to answer any questions you have, tonight I am very, very pleased to welcome Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids."

Guys, thanks a lot for being on the show tonight.
Manson - "Hey, good to be here."

You're playing The Ritz Theatre later on this evening, what are you going on, about twelve-thirty?
Manson - "Yeah, something like that, we're the last band on."

I have no idea where to begin, I tell you I was talking to some people about you guys this afternoon and I said, um, 'Are you ever driving down the road and you see an accident, and your mind is going... don't look. don't look. don't look... you end up looking anyways, you leave the accident and you're going... why did I do that?'
Manson - "Actually I keep a polaroid and I always take pictures of accidents, but I don't know if that applies?"

That probably doesn't surprise me, but not to compare you guys to an accident, but you tend to appeal to our morbid curiosities. Do you aim for that?
Manson - "Well, we're just... I think people are going to see what they want to see, you know, and it's usually stuff that they're normally afraid to think about but we show it to them and then they realise 'oh yeah, I do think about that'. I guess that's what the appeal is, I don't know." [laughs]

What inspires you to write some of your songs, what do you think about and go 'Hmm...'? Do you pick up the paper and say 'what's going on in the news today, I'm going to write about that?
Manson - "No, I think everything that I've written has been from my childhood. I guess I've been writing songs all my life."

And then you just bring it to music.
Manson - "Yeah, a lot of the stuff, a lot of our songs now are poems that I had in highschool, I just had a switch around."

I wonder what your highschool teacher thought, you know, reading some of these poems?
Manson - "I don't know, I got good grades. That was the only class I got good grades in, creative writing. I got Cs and Ds in everything else."

I'll bet. We've already got a full call-board of people calling in, but I want you to talk about the names, becvause there's some very interesting names. For example Marilyn Manson - Marilyn Monroe, Charles Manson. Tell us a little about the band members and how you came up with the names.
Manson - "It really started off with the Marilyn Manson. When I was thinking, one day, we used to watch Current Affairs all the time and we'd see all this stuff about serial killers and then the next minute you'd see stuff about Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe, and I just thought it was really interesting that they were both the most memorable characters from the '60s for two completely different reasons, but they were both equally as glamourous. It's frightening. They both just seemed to really go together, for me, and I thought that represented everything that I want to say. The dichotomy of good and evil, and beauty, the beast you know, male and female. That really encompasses it all. So when we started the band everybody sort of took the same route when picking their names."

Is there favourite serial killers, you know, how did you come up with these?
Daisy Berkowitz - "Well, I'm Daisy Berkowitz, and Daisy comes from one of several things. It was Daisy Dukes from Dukes Of Hazzard, or the Daisy BB Gun collection, or Daisy from The Great Gatsby. Then there's Berkowitz - David Berkowitz the Son Of Sam killer."

I wonder why no one chose Bundy?
Manson - "There was a Bundy, but we kicked him out of the band. He was a little too heavy for us, and not in the bass-playing category."
Sara Lee Lucas - "I'm Sara Lee Lucas after a famous cake creator, Sara Lee, the serial cream puff, and serial killer Henry Lee Lucas."

Thats pretty interesting, Sara Lee, of all the people to choose.
Lucas - "Well you know Henry Lee, Sara Lee, they kind of fit together nicely."
Gidget Gein - "I'm Gidget Gein. Gidget, she's the coolest Teenie-Bopper, and Gein from Ed Gein."


Source: Trax TV [US Music Television]
Transmission Date: Circa 1992
Country: USA


Transcribed & Submitted By: S.D.