Marilyn Manson

In 2004, during an interview with Kerrang! Magazine, Marilyn Manson stated that he was considering having his personal notebooks compiled into Journals for publication (notably before a period when he was ready to bow out from music). He mentioned that the editor of this potential volume would be a personal friend; a magician. Since that time, specifically after 2007, more exposure within the Manson fan community was given to magician Rudy Coby, who since the late 1980s has performed as "Labman", an onstage super-ego designed (much like Manson's own roles) to better translate his hyperbolic illusions.
Labman was also featured as the lead character in a series of full colour comic books devised by Coby personally.

Coby's performances are characterised by his rapport with the audience, with whom he converses about the "Scientific" qualities of his Magic act, which incorporates illusions such as the traditional magic saw, appearing and disappearing, production of objects from thin air, having of extra limbs, and his famous "robot" lab assistant, Nikki Terminator.

Due to the recognisable iconography of Coby's act, it is since understood that various onstage props and motifs used by Manson since his Grotesk Burlesk tour in 2003 were orchestrated and realised between Manson and Coby. Following that point, Coby has been associated with Manson's creative output on several occasions, most evidently as stage designer for The Rape Of The World tour in support of EAT ME, DRINK ME, in which an appropriation of Nikki Terminator was re-imagined as a robot version of Evan Rachel Wood, Manson's paramour for that record. The "robot" would enter stage left, serve Manson a glass of his own branded absinthe, Mansinthe, and then he would proceed to decapitate her, perhaps in homage to similar displays by Alice Cooper, and David Bowie's "Yorrick" routine as the Thin White Duke during the 1970s.

Since then, Coby was somewhat instrumental in feeding information through Marilyn Manson message boards, private emails and his own MySpace page in late 2008 / early 2009 concerning the then forthcoming record The High End Of Low. He was enthusiastic and helpful, allowing a few individuals insight into the record's themes, sounds and allusory stories (in which he occasionally featured) regarding what some songs were written about.
His chief and most memorable assertion was that fans would never again be able to imagine another Marilyn Manson record that didn't feature Twiggy Ramirez. Coby has also been open about the personal support and friendship Manson has offered him, often being vocally emotive about the friendship the two share.

In late April of 2010, reported (as did Coby through his Facebook profile) that as part of the Magic Castle event Magic Vs. Science, he would be coordinating a show in which Marilyn Manson would appear in "promotional videos" as an Evil Magician. Manson and Coby were given equal visual billing on the promotional posters, and in the closing performance of the run, in addition to attending the event in support of his friend, Manson also made a guest performance in character.
Although disreputable, the same month a preliminary promotional trailer for Manson's forthcoming film Phantasmagoria - The Visions Of Lewis Carroll was released without Manson's consent online. The trailer was originally shot in 2005, and features illusions created by Coby, similar versions of which were seen at the Magic Vs. Science event also, and in YouTube backstage videos released after the event's close.
Responding to the un-sanctioned release of the video, Manson commented in his MySpace blog, citing the content as the Intellectual Property of himself, and other friends or collaborators of his, in which Coby's name was listed.

Coby continues to devise new illusions, often leaving teasers about them on his Facebook and MySpace pages, and is a regular performer in his native Los Angeles.

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Gender. Male
Born. Rudy Coby [USA]
Birth Date. 22.04



Position. Stage Designer Illusionist Magician